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integrated advanced materials conference in the philippines

Metallics, Non-Metallics and Polymers


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3D-Printing and Advanced Manufacturing, Polymer Films and Coatings, Nanomaterials, Biopolymers, Corrosion Mitigation, Metals and Alloys

Polymers, Coatings, Steel, Tools, Machinery, 3D Printing


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Crimson Hotel, Manila | October 23-24, 2017

International Conference and Knowledge-Building Workshop:

‚Äč materia manila 2017

The First International Conference on Advanced Materials in the Philippines, dubbed as Materia Manila 2017, will be held at Crimson Hotel, Manila, Philippines on October 23-24, 2017.  Materia Manila 2017 features plenary and parallel scientific talks by internationally renowned speakers, emphasized on three (2) thematic strands and specific topics

Venue: Crimson Hotel, Alabang, Metro Manila